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The Future of Social Media: 37 Experts Share Their 2017 Predictions

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The one thing for certain is, 37 people have a variety of predictions.  When talking to our clients and prospective clients, we are hearing the following things:

  • Their is a tremendous amount of noise on social media today.  Ever since the US election process narrowed down it's candidates, the noise has dramatically increased.  The phrase being used is "content saturation".  Standing out among all this content is taking more money for each engagement.
  • It's important to tell brand stories rather than post promotional things.  Live streaming helps, but user generated video seems to be the biggest priority.
  • Marketing analytics has gained a strategic importance.  Brands want to better understand their customers and fans.  We hear the phase "1-to-1 marketing" a lot and understanding data helps tremendously with maximizing relationship based marketing.