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These 17 Social Media Power Players Agree on 1 Thing (And It's a Must-Have For Your Busienss)

To read the full article, click here.  As with most articles, some good nuggets, but don't agree with everything, especially #14. The Tech Giants need to be a part of your strategy, 100%, but don't surrender, there are millions and millions and millions of people who "tolerate" or dislike Facebook. 

The one common item however, is cater precisely to the customer.

For a summary, see below:

  1. Create a Winning Identity
  2. Invest in the Millennial Method: Digital, Mobile, Social, Influeners
  3. Map the Path to Purchase
  4. Listen and Engage
  5. Use Strategy to Leverage Technology
  6. Incorporate Mixed Reality
  7. Prepare for Artificial Intelligence
  8. Constantly Experiment with New Tech
  9. Focus on the One-on-One Experience
  10. Embrace Voice Recognition
  11. Start Using Robots Now
  12. Invest in Location, Location, Location
  13. Broaden the Definition of Media
  14. Give In to the Tech Giants
  15. Showcase Real People
  16. Be Authentic or Die
  17. Stay Focused, Humble and Open