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INCREASE TEAM COMMUNICATION, engagement and retention

Bring the Back-office to the forefront (via MOBILE)



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Capture and organize content around training, events, trips, products, etc.


Share valuable content on social media, in Facebook Groups, via email and via text with anyone

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Improve engagement, enhance training and increase productivity of your team


Today, Facebook Groups are heavily used for Field communications, however they have SIGNIFICANT LIMITATIONS


SURVEY: The State of Social Media for Social Sellers

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A Mobile App is CRITICAL for Communication, Training and Success

Having Issues Keeping Your Team Engaged?

Is Facebook More of a Distraction Than a Business Destination?

would an interactive community help learning and productivity?

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This is YOUR COMMUNITY, free from online noise, selfies and fake news


Our Technology Maximizes Engagement Trends and it's Millennial Friendly


User Generated Content (UGC)

UGC is 50% more trusted than any other form of media - people want to hear from their peers and corporate curated brand content is not considered authentic

Video, Video, Video, Video is King

Video creates emotional connections and delivers experiences - attention spans have decreased and few will spend time reading long, complex PDFs

Anytime, Anywhere Accessibility

The explosion of smartphones has made instant accessibility of content a must - logging into cumbersome back-office platforms is very 1990's

newkleus Benefits


YOUR VIDEO CONTENT,  in one place - leverage your team to provide the best content around business-building tips, product tips, events and trips


YOUR DIGITAL COMMUNITY, for global engagement - ideal for training, communication, recognition, team-building and retention


YOUR SHARING CENTER, to increase productivity - send push notifications and easily share video content on social media or via text / email


The average facebook post stays relevant for 2-3 hours.  Once gone, it's never to be seen again. 

Just think about it, where is all the content from your last product launch?  Where is all the content from your last annual convention or incentive trip?

With your own branded mobile platform, it will always be available for reference and inspiration.


Field Leader Feedback


"It's simple, yet robust. I'm always looking to provide my team with the most relevant content around product training, event updates and experiences.  This allows us to all share our best tips in one place."

- Shayna B.


"It doesn't matter where I am now - PTA meeting, soccer practice, on vacation - I can pull out my phone and show prospects what we are all about.  This allows us to truly stand behind the statement, 'You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.'  And it brings a cool-factor to my business."

- Beth S.


"My team is global and I depend on technology to stay connected.  YouTube was the best option we had, but the newkleus platform takes this to a whole new level."

- Dave B.

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"We built the newkleus technology to improve recruiting and retention.  Recruiting is hard and it takes creating credibility.  When sitting one-on-one with someone over coffee, it's IMPOSSIBLE to represent a full brand experience to that person.  They are skeptical.  Use your digital community to highlight your organization's amazing people, products and experiences.  Show your prospect exactly what team and company they are joining"

- Steve Raack (Founder of newkleus with 25+ years experience in the social selling industry)